Mitra Rajput VP of ConciergeMitra Rajput - VP of Client Relations

Mitra Rajput has served as VP of concierge in ONEflight since May, 2015. Mrs. Rajput oversees both the quality performance of the concierge team and the customer relation. She develops metrics to ensure high quality experiences for OFI members as well as design and build scalable processes to support the company’s rapid growth. She creates training material and plans to ensure the professionalism of the team.

Mrs. Rajput has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Iran and moved to Bulgaria after graduating. In order to survive as a foreigner without knowing the language perfectly, she opened her own tailoring company in Plovdiv/Bulgaria. A few years later after learning the Bulgarian language, she worked as a manager and sales manager for multiple international companies in the heavy duty and commercial vehicles parts industry. She has traveled to different countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe for business and has participated in international exhibitions due to her multilingual and professional skills.

She is a perfectionist and never accepts no as an answer. She believes that job satisfaction is the result of our success, not the unattainable belief of a dream job. She is very creative in her professional and personal life and very much enjoys the achievement of making the impossible possible. She speaks five languages and loves cooking. She likes traveling, learning new languages, poetry, history and fashion. She loves nature and enjoying a cup of Earl gray tea during the day.