JayStogsdillJay Stogsdill – VP of Business Development

Jay Stogsdill has served as the VP of Business Development since September 1, 2016 and previously as Director of Sales from December 1, 2015.  Mr. Stogsdill oversees and manages the ONEflight International’s approved network of 500 FAA part 135 charter operators accounting for approximately 5000 aircraft in the US and oversees the worldwide operator network as well. 

He compiles and maintains aircraft performance specifications for BAJit to determine accurate flight times, fuel stops, and pricing based on fuel burn, speed, passenger load and weight.  Additionally, Mr. Stogsdill is responsible for: sourcing dedicated aircraft negotiating Guaranteed Revenue Plan’s (GRP), Safety, Argus and Wyvern Certified Broker audits, DOT Part 295 compliance training, sales training, competitive intelligence, and special projects / strategic initiatives. 

Prior to joining ONEflight International, Mr. Stogsdill managed a small 121 regional air carrier with a focus on essential air service routes.  He has also worked in business development and sales management roles in several industries including photoluminescent egress, signage, and telecom. 

Mr. Stogsdill holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from Metropolitan State college, and an MBA from the University of Denver.