HannoUysHanno Uys - CFO

Hanno Uys joined the ONEflight team in 2023. He has vast experience in various industries spanning 23 years in the financial field. He supports the CEO in driving strategic direction, ensures an effective financial department and the financial integrity of the company.

Hanno is an authentic leader, leading by example, ethics and integrity. He is an analytical and process driven professional with strong cognitive reasoning skills, combined with excellent experience in systems enterprise integration and automation, as well as a work personality geared towards systematic execution. He recently implemented a new point of sales system in a large chain including a remote banking system and served as chairman of the Fiscal Council of a $750 million Greenfields investment, gaining considerable knowledge and experience of global markets during his role as finance lead on investment projects.

He recently moved from Africa to live with his wife in Parker. He enjoys working out, fishing and spending time with his family.