Ferren Rajput - ONEflight CEO Ferren Rajput - CEO

Ferren Rajput is the CEO and Founder of ONEflight International, Inc.

A childhood dream of becoming a pilot combined with a true proclivity for mathematics and numbers were the foundations for his success. After graduating high school, Rajput applied to the Air Force with the goal of becoming a fighter jet pilot, but denied due to less than perfect eyesight. While studying Finance and Marketing at University of Denver, he landed his first aviation job with Continental Airlines.

In 1990, as a stockbroker, Rajput found great success in finance, investment banking and real estate, and eventually fulfilled his childhood dream of a single engine Cessna 182, a Cessna Conquest Turbo Prop and a Citation Jet. The 2006 market crash and subsequent recession were major setbacks.

After reassessing and reconfiguring his priorities, in 2010 Rajput came up with the business plans for ONEflight, launching the first ever member club in the skies called JetClub, a different private aviation brokerage model than anything in existence at the time. Working as a charter broker, Rajput formed relationships and built a network that today has access to more than 7,000 aircraft.

Rajput has transformed the private air travel industry in the United States and has become the industry leader with his cutting-edge and proprietary BAJit booking platform, making booking private jet travel accessible, more cost effective, and at the touch of one’s fingertips.

When not piloting his own Gulfstream G-III jet known as the “Blackjet”, he enjoys playing golf and exploring the world with his family.  Rajput speaks multiple languages, has traveled and lived in many places, including Hong Kong and Africa; he, his wife and their three children now call Denver home.