EugeneTrujilloEugene Trujillo - VP of Flight Operations

Eugene Trujillo, V.P. of Charter Division has been a part of the OFI family for a decade. His primary responsibilities at ONEflight International include managing OFI’s ONELoop, assisting the Ops team with providing a high level of customer service, convenience, luxury, safety and security that only ONEflight International can offer.

Eugene has helped to develop judicious relationships with top-tier operators throughout the world. Eugene and OFI take great pride with providing a luxury flight experience based on unrivaled safety and customer service. OFI is verified by BOTH Argus and Wyvern, 3rd party organizations that help to ensure a high level of safety and regulations. Outside of work, Eugene enjoys time with his family on the golf course. He can also be found watching his favorite hometown teams, the Broncos, Nuggets and CU Buffs games.