What Our Members Are Saying.

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“As always, the trip was terrific from door to door! Thanks to all who made it happen.”

John B., December 2019

“Really enjoyed the aircraft and pilots were great. Love flying with you.”

Joel L., December 2019

“Crew and equipment were all excellent. Well Done.”

Jim S., November 2019

“The flight was great. Couldn’t have been better!”

Priscilla F., July 2019

“I’ve been flying private to GHB for over 10 years. This was the best flight and crew! Thanks.”

Peter K., November 2019

“Flight went extremely well. Great flight, outstanding crew, and catering was excellent.”

Sam B., November 2019

“Very professional and courteous crew, enjoyable trip for all passengers. Thanks again to the entire OFI team for making our first trip memorable!”

Mike M., October 2019

“Flight was perfect. Pilots did a great job. Really professional and very friendly.”

Conrad R., October 2019

“Great trip from door to door. Thanks to all who made it happen.”

John B., September 2019

“Terrific job on securing a great airplane for the ride back from Dallas! Much appreciated. “

Ron S., September 2019

“Everything was  flawless, as usual. Special thanks to Bonnie for arranging travel.”

David S., August 2019

“The flight was great. Couldn’t have been better!”

Priscilla F., July 2019

“The flight and crew were great. Thank you and the ONEflight team for taking such good care of us.”

Wendell I., July 2019

“I want to thank the team for coordinating a fantastic travel experience for us! I will begin planning the next excursion very shortly, I imagine. Thanks again!”

Steve W., July 2019

“Great flight, good bird, good operator.”

Earl M., July 2019

“Everything was perfect as usual. Thanks to everyone for making this happen on such short notice. Thanks again!”

John M., June 2019

“Everything was on time and perfect!!!”

Loren K., June 2019


Craig A., June 2019

“All was excellent!”

Jason G., June 2019

“You spoiled me, as always! The drivers were special! The deli sandwich was excellent, and was so big I could only eat half of it. The flight crew loved the extra chocolate chip cookies. Thank you!”

John B., May 2019

“That was a great flight. Awesome crew and wonderful aircraft. We are all here safe and sound. Thanks so much!!!”

Ken I., May 2019


David R., May 2019

“It was excellent. Today, you earned your stripes with me. A 3 hour yes from last minute request to reservation from Costa Rica to Key West. Cody/Kacey excellent customer service and super fast and great to deal with. Pilots nice and on schedule. All in all 110%”

Greg M., May 2019

“Thanks for everything. Great service and flight!”

David H., May 2019

“Perfect flight and catering. Many thanks.”

Donald R., May 2019

“JC and Mark were excellent pilots and made us feel very special. Thank you.”

Mark H., May 2019

“Great experience today – thank you to the whole team!”

Bruce B., May 2019

“The door-to-door experience was excellent. Thanks to all who made it happen!”

John B., May 2019

“The flight was wonderful. We were able to get a little sleep on the trip to Portland. We  got there rested with plenty of time to get to my son’s play. Thank you for a great job.”

Jamie S., May 2019

“Flight was great. Food was good, plane was clean, and pilots were friendly. Thanks.”

Brent E., May 2019

“Perfect. Pulling up to the FBO now. Thanks to all as this has been a great experience today.”

Bruce B., May 2019

“Have arrived. Wonderful trip. Great pilots. Limo driver was terrific.”

Greg M., May 2019

“The on-board flight attendant took us to the hotel! Honestly, it was Amazing service.”

Reed S., April 2019

“Just wanted to say “GREAT JOB” to everyone on this trip. We were very pleased with the high level of service we received. I appreciate everyone’s efforts.”

Tammy J., April 2019

“Everything was excellent and the operator was more than accomodating for our delay. Very nice airplane and crew, fit all of our stuff which was a lot. Very happy campers!”

Jason G., April 2019

“It was perfect!  Thank you!!”

Rebecca G., March 2019

“I wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone from ONEflight.  I was very impressed with the service and ease of everything.  I am going to make sure to share my experience with my father in law.  Thank you again for everything.”

Peter B., March 2019

“Jan & the entire ONEflight team is the best!”

Bryan S., March 2019

“Everything went great with our flight & our shuttle!! Thanks for arranging everything for us.”

AJ J., March 2019

“Everything was excellent, thank you!  Airplane is extremely new inside, crew very friendly and professional.”

Jason G., March 2019

“Great flight, wonderful pilots – thank you to everyone 👍🍷👌”

Marilyn B., March 2018

“For those of you who might not remember Jackie Gleason (which I think is all of you), look him up on YouTube – “How sweet it is” was one of his catch phrases, and it is perfect for our round trip to ELD. Your new software has certainly delivered. We learned through OFI in January 2016 that we love the G150. The new software is immeasurably better than your old system to book a flight and select the G150, or whatever. It will take another flight or two to really lock us into the OFI family, but this has been an excellent intro to a second time around. I fully expect that we will drop {Competitor} when we have burned through those hours, and replace them with y’all. Above all, you all are so very nice to visit with over the phone. And we hope to keep doing so for many years to come.”

Greg B., March 2018

“Hi Team, All the feedback I received was A+, from transportation, catering, crew and aircraft. Only issue was they had to go around once for landing due to aircraft on the runway, but obviously that’s out of our control. Great job everyone! See you soon, Jason.”

Jason G., March 2018

“We just landed. Was a great trip. Jennifer wanted me to tell you this has been her favorite aircraft from all our trips. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.”

Kenneth I., February 2018

“Great flight. Beautiful aircraft. About as good as it gets.”

Gregory M., January 2018

“Great flight, pilots, catering, and transportation!”

Jeff S., December 2017

“Despite all the craziness that ended up being associated with this trip, it was another spectacular performance by the ONEflight Team. Thanks to all. Merry Christmas.”

Jim R., December 2017

“Great flight, crew, and catering. No issues.”

Kirk K., December 2017

“Beautiful plane. Excellent crew and catering Could not have been any better. Thank you.”

Elaine G., December 2017