Merry Christmas to everyone…. On November 26, I wrote you guys an email letting you know that you had just flown me on the worst plane I had ever been on…. I tried to help you by telling you not to put any other customers on that plane. There is no air …. I explained to you that all of my passengers almost got sick.

It was way worse than being on a twin prop …. And yesterday, you guys stuck me on the same exact plane .. Once again, due to all the wait times, everyone almost got sick again … The captain explained to me that the plane would be getting an overhaul this coming week. He explained that even the pilots were getting sick from the heat. When we finally landed, The plane was grounded because an engine cover flew off midflight … And apparently, apparently there was another issue as well, which kept it grounded. I would never complain about delays. I realize that that is out of everyone’s control. But I am disappointed that you stuck me on this plane again… . I would way rather have had delays on a commercial airline, which at least would’ve had air-conditioning