Madison, First, Karen and I want to thank you guys for getting us a plane within 24 hr of when I called. It was important for us to get to our destination quickly.

The price was high due to the short notice but Justin did get us a fare I could accept after a second attempt. The flight was great and we actually left early so even better. However, it did appear that BAJ subcontracted the flight to Wheels Up for this trip, since our pilots had Wheels Up ID’s and the plane had all the standard Wheels Up amenities, including WU logos on the drinking cups. The pilots had actually flown us before during our WU membership (now terminated). None of this mattered, as you got us to our destination in an emergency situation, so thank you. But unless the private aviation industry is all one big happy family, we are not sure we have actually experienced an OFI flight yet.

I decided to rent a car from AVIS so I called them and arranged to have it delivered to Signature at Trenton and it was there plane side when we arrived. This service is something OFI should be able to offer its customers. I know you offer the limo service but we needed a car for the duration of our stay.

We are unsure of our return trip yet, but plan to book this far enough in advance to secure the normal rates and possibly get the “real” BAJ experience. I will say that we are impressed with your administration and care and follow-up calls to get everything arranged for us. Even on this first time, it was far superior than the haphazard approach we got from Wheels Up. Keep up the frequent contact and emails. It is good policy.

Dave G