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No Long Term Commitment


The JETClub is the only true country club format of the private jet world. Therefore, you pay as you go on a month to month basis allowing you to cancel your membership at anytime without any penalty. However, it is often that one’s flight needs may change for an increase or reduction of annual flight hours. This may be accomplished by changing the membership level without any additional charges.


Rate Locks


Members of the JETClub can enjoy the privilege of knowing that their aircraft rates and the monthly Membership Dues are locked for each calendar year.


No Fuel Surcharge


Unlike other private jet services, there are no fuel surcharges with the JETClub. Since the Aircraft hourly rate is a calculation of true costs of fuel, maintenance, and engine reserves, the hourly rate may only vary on a yearly basis depending on economic price fluctuations in these costs.


No Repositioning Charges


As a member of the JETClub, ONEflight will pick you up without charging any Ferry Fees or Repositioning charges. You pay for “Occupied Flight Time” only.


Door To Door Service


Our transportation services begins at your doorstep. Using our executive car service we will deliver you from your doorstep to the aircraft and from the aircraft to your final destination.




Since we are in the “First Class Service” business, all JETClub members receive standard catering on

all flights at no additional cost.


Aircraft Options


Unlike the competition, ONEflight has a standard practice of providing at least three (3) different aircraft type options for each flight.


No Peak Days


We believe everyday is as important as the next. While the competition has restricted Blackout Days or premiums for certain Peak travel days, our members may make reservations up to 90 days in advance for any day of the year. As a courtesy, we ask our members to be respectful of other members and not to reserve a Jet without a true intent to fly. Although reserving a Jet is on an availability basis, ONEflight has one of the largest aircraft networks worldwide. With access to over 12,000 aircraft, we can accommodate every member.


No Daily Minimum Flight Hours Charged


Traditionally, if an aircraft stays with the client for multiple days, most other companies charge a daily minimum flight time of two (2) hours per day, which can amount to thousands of dollars charged for non-occupied flight hours. As a JETClub member you only pay for the actual occupied flight hours. There are no daily minimums whether your flight duration is one (1) hour or ten (10) hours.


 Service Areas


ONEflight services the members on a Global level. However, the service areas are categorized as:


PRIMARY SERVICE AREA (PSA) – includes contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.


EXTENDED SERVICE AREA (ESA) – every destination outside PSA including Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, Asia, all subject to safety restrictions resulting from extenuating circumstances such as terrorism. Additionally, a fuel surcharge may apply due to excessive fuel costs.


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