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As a member of our JETClub, you will enjoy the privilege of flying prestigious private jets at prices that are far below industry standards.

Charter JetsBy design, it reduces traditional costs of flying private jets by 50-70%. The JETClub is the only one of it’s kind worldwide. With the current economic conditions, General Aviation has suffered a huge blow. ONEflight realized that a need for change was imminent, hence the birth of The JETClub, where one can enjoy the privilege of flying in a private jet as an owner without the acquisition expense burden barred by an owner.



How The Membership Works:


There are only three costs associated with the JETClub Membership:

  • Setup Fee – this fee is for setting up the member account. Although paid only once, this is a lifetime membership. This membership may be suspended or canceled without penalty by the member at any time.
  • Monthly Dues – this subsidizes for the cost of managing the JETClub and a portion is paid to our Part 135 business partners to covers such items as pilot salaries, training, hangars, insurance, and other administrative costs.
  • Flight Hour Rates – this covers the direct cost of operating the aircraft and equals the total hourly cost of fuel, maintenance, and engine reserves.


Enjoy your ONEflight experience with your own metallic Member Card.



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